Dear Customers,

You can make a windscreen claim if your vehicle is extended to cover windscreen under Comprehensive Motor Policy. If you need a quick windscreen repair, simply contact us and you need not to pay out of your pocket for the windscreen repair / replacement

The following documentations are required:-


  1. Insured's Insurance Policy
  2. Insured's Vehicle Registration Card (Front & Back)
  3. Insured NRIC (Front & Back)
  4. Insured Car License (Front & Back)


  1. Company's Insurance Policy
  2. Company's Vehicle Registration Card (Front & Back)
  3. Driver's Insured NRIC (Front & Back)
  4. Driver's Insured Car License (Front & Back)
  5. Company Registration Certificate
  6. Company Stamp

If you require any assistance or more inquiry for the above,  kindly contact us.

Insurance Claim & Support
Insurance Claim & Support
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